Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January or is it March

The last couple of days temperature wise have been amazing. Perry and I just got back from Harrisburg. We had some paperwork to get stamped. We looked at our grass and we think it is growing. It will be hard to go back to winter but it is also beautiful. Did I mention we are not wearing coats.

Also Samantha and I got to go to DC to see Brandy and Paul in their new home. I would say, besides getting to see their new place and church, the international grocery store was the best part. It was twice the size of our local grocery store and the selection was amazing.

Here are a couple of pictures of Aaron these are not very good the lighting turned him green.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Aaron.
Weather is just the same here, strange isn't it? We had loads of snow this time last year. Hope you are doing well.

Micah Preston said...

so cute! when do you get to hold him in the flesh?