Sunday, February 5, 2012

A reminder from My Sons

Most of the time I wonder if my sons are listening to the lessons we are trying to teach.  As for the millionth time, I say work it out or you are not going to like mom's solution.  Or when they have taken a swing at each other.  But once and while...

One of my sons this week reminded me that telling others about Christ and inviting them to church is not as complicated as we adults make it out to be.  He had gone on a tractor ride with a friend of ours and as the ride finished.  He simply asked him if he wanted to go to church.  The gentlemen who is a pastor of another local church let us know what he had done and said that sometime that he would come to church.  And he did today and my son sat with him.

Being a typically logical person, I first thought that they had talked about it in class.  But later learned no.  He just felt that needed to do it.  I am grateful to the gentlemen that agreed to come because with that simple answer he gave my son courage to do it again.  I am sure that many times the answer may be no.  It reminds me to just ask it is up to God to control the results.

My other son came down Sabbath morning and said I want to give my money to God.  And he proceeded to get money out of his piggy bank.  He was so excited to give his money in the offering plate.  Another reminder to me to just give.  Instead of thinking of all the reasons we can't or shouldn't.

These were my glimmers among the normal chaos.

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