Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Red Hen

Before I get started I "upgraded" the blog so you have to hit more to get all of the pictures.
Now to the story of the Little Red Hen...this is a story you have probably heard. The little red hen keeps asking people to help her and everyone kept saying no. So she and her chicks plant the corn, take care of it and then pick it and eat the good results. When the rest of the animals come and ask for some she says no.
 So as worked on corn we talked about this story.  Well everyone helped with this corn and we are enjoying the good eats.  Mom and Dad planted and all of us have picked it even the boys.  This is last Sunday.  The boys shucking corn and racing mommy and grandpop.  With the game they stuck with the job really well and didn't complain. 
 By the end they were doing great even getting the silk.  I was able to freeze almost 20 quarts of corns and 15 bags of small ears to cook later.
 Thanks to all the hens that helped.

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