Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yes we had a great vacation but most of the time has been spent at home. And as you can see from the pictures we are pretty low tech. Have done some Bible school and a little with the grandparents on both sides but overall just staying home. The slip n slide provides fun for both boys and cars.

Perry cooking marshmallows at a picnic.

Andrew helping make strawberry jelly.

Boys dressing themselves for church. Notice the ties.

Wrestling with Daddy.

Asking to wash cars.

I did make a camp run. I am tired but appreciate more how much work goes into this. Enjoying my garden. Life is about the simple things.


Wendy said...

I must say that I absolutely love the picture of Perry roasting his marshmallow! :-)

Jan Graffius said...

I agree! Yeah, that's the life!