Monday, July 4, 2011

Our other adventures in vacation land

Well besides waterfalls we checked at the Crayola Factory at our friend Becky's suggestion. The boys loved it. Basically they show you how they make crayons and then let you play with all the other crayola products. Upstairs they have a kid friendly museum. We spent a good part of the day there. Here are the boys using chalk.

Glow in the dark pens.

The boys in the train at museum upstairs. Which was about the railroads and canals in Pennsylvania.

This moth took up residence at our condo door for a day. We saw deer, raccoons, birds and squirrels. It was nice to comeback to a place where there was room for the boys to move around. Grandpop took Andrew up to the little mini golf course every morning so we could sleep in. I could just hug him. Of course some serious swim time happened. That was the one thing my boys wanted to do.

We went back out to see Uncle Gabe one last time and checked out a children's museum and a park. The children's museum was a converted warehouse but they had done a nice job with the space they had. The boys had a good time.

Riding in the airplane.

There was a small train set. Musical instruments. Activities to try.

Andrew painting.

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