Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Concert

At the little school that Andrew goes to they have a Christmas and an Easter program that is mostly music but also includes some short skits. At Christmas they only had the preschoolers and Kindergarten do 1 song. This time they did a bible verse John 3:16 and 3 songs. The music teacher had done a great job with them.Getting ready to begin singing. Andrew is in the back row. Mom had Andrew do 2 out of 3 songs at church and say John 3:16.

Well this proud momma is done bragging on her boy. One of the teacher told us Andrew doesn't do anything, read, count or play. That about sums up Andrew's year. He is soaking in the learning but he plays just as hard. Thanks to all the teacher here and around the world who help our children learn.

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