Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip to DC

These pictures are not very good and they are far and few because I was in DC without Perry. We went down to DC and stayed in the hotel where my dad was staying for work. We took that chance to use the metro to get to the zoo. I learned a few things that will make traveling and sightseeing with the boys easier. This is the one picture I got at the zoo. We rode the metro there and I was quite proud of the boys maneuvering and staying with mom as we switched trains. Andrew could even tell you which trains we were on. We saw many animals and I realized how up and down the zoo really is and we only had a few minor meltdowns. Where we stayed the bathroom sink had cupboards that didn't have anything in it unlike home. The boys had a blast brushing their teeth under the sink.
This is at an Ethiopian restaurant after a long day at the zoo. Aaron literally feel asleep with food in his mouth. We got to have dinner with Jill and Dan of whom we failed to get a picture. I enjoyed the food and Dad tried to clean his nostrils out with the spicy food.

I failed to get any pictures but our trip ended with a visit to Paul and Brandy's. The boys got to go to a big park and Paul volunteered to watch the boys as Brandy, Mom and I wandered the aisles of the international food store. I was able to stock up on some goodies for Andrew like dried seaweed...he loves it and Aaron is eating it too. On the less exotic side I bought Korean rice and sesame seeds and rice noodles at a great price. Overall a good but tiring trip.

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