Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Easter Pictures

We had Easter early. It began Friday night with communion and finished Sunday with a sunrise service at a local church. In between we enjoyed an Easter concert at church. The Choraleers are always good but this time they were particularly good. Pastor Paul played the trombone for one number and my boys ever since have been pretending to play the trombone. After church we enjoyed a Easter dinner. I failed to take a picture of the actual event so this is a few after Easter dinner pictures. We had dinner at Papa and Mama's(aka Nanan) but we catered in so they had only to set the table. Aunt Cindi brought the veggies, I was responsible for desserts and the gravy and Mom had the turkey and mashed potatoes.
The boys made out like bandits in the candy department. Here Aaron is feeding Grandpop some of the loot.

Since I was in charge of desserts and Perry was off to help, we made cookies. The boys rolled them out with help and iced and sprinkled. It was messy but fun and I couldn't have done it without Perry's help.

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