Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Spring Pictures

Yes I do feed my boys supper but they think when daddy comes home they should have some more. Here they are helping dad eat some grapes. When the weather warmed up for a few days we were able to spend some time outside. The boys love rolling the ball down the hill and riding the bicycle.
I was looking for something to entertain them while I got dinner. So a bowl of water and some measuring cups provided the entertainment. The towel controlled the mess.

Mom gave the boys an advent calender for Easter and we have been opening the windows each day and one day was decorating eggs. So these couple of pics are from that. Aaron required a lot of assistance but Andrew really enjoyed it. I discovered that Aaron really likes hard boiled eggs. Some may wonder why Andrew always does the V sign. It is the sign for Victory and it is very common in Korea for kids to do.

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