Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some thoughts

I went to hear a friend preach and it was very good. It was the encouragement and reminder that I needed. It also went along with the conference theme which was A Limitless God for A Hungry People. She was speaking on expectations and that expectations in themselves are not bad but who is controlling your expectations. Is it God, yourself or others? The thing that really struck me was when she addressed women in particular. The fact there is pressure to work, advance in your job, give service to church/people, and even pressure to stay home with your children. These are all pressures of the world. The only one that determines what you are to is God and he uses all us where we are. I think sometimes I place more value on one activity or another. How many times have we had people look at you and say you are JUST a housewife what do you do all day or the reverse I CAN'T believe you are working while your kids are little. We answer to God not our neighbor. She also pointed out that God can use us in unusual ways so this week look to be used in an unusual way by God. He is limitless.

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