Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Few Conference photos

This is Micah and Aaron at Cracker Barrel. Micah's Dad was a little chagrined by the badger sign but at least it is Red. Did I mention he is Nebraska fan. It was great to see everyone. As Dads Perry and Chris try to wrestle in the cafeteria. Aaron and Lily enjoy a cracker. And Lily tried to hold Aaron on her lap. There is a jelly belly warehouse near Kenosha. We got to have a free tour with Jelly Bellies at the end. They haven't quite reached Hershey level but it was quite nice.
After conference we had a very special brunch.

Well conference was more than just eating and visiting. There was worship time and preaching and bible study. I helped out in the nursery. Perry had to leave early. I discovered the adventure of traveling with a 14 month old. Considering the time in the car he did pretty well.