Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grandpop at his finest

It is so fun to see my Dad play with his grandsons. He is a man who comes over in his suit but does this stop him from getting on the floor and playing. This delights Aaron and Anthony both. It is a reminder whatever you are and whatever you hope to become never forget to take time to play. We tease dad that he will swipe any baby like my grandma used to do but it is a fine trait to have.

Well, Aaron has mastered stair climbing and thus mom has had to purchase a gate. He is making all kinds of sounds and it leaves you wondering did he really say what I think he did. It is daily adventure.

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Sara Barbee said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!It me Sara,
Aaron is sooooo cute I cant wait till you guys bring him down here!!!

Love ya'LOTS!!!

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