Thursday, November 15, 2007

Operation Christmas Child

One of things that Perry and I do every year is make Operation Christmas Child Boxes. Our church and youth group also get involved. We go to the store and each person has an allotted amount of money and the boxes are wrapped. Everyone wants Perry's shoeboxes because they are big; and we usually get to make a couple extra cause the stuff may not fit in one box. As our personal experience on the mission field proves a little bounce ball or color book can be big excitement. But Ben who is 6 years old ask what happens to "my" box. So here is a little about what happens to "my" box.
It is taken to someplace close like a church or a business and dropped off. In this case it is a church. Here they check in the boxes.They are put in larger boxes with other Christmas boxes. Harley is putting yours in to the box.
Then it goes into a tractor trailer. Last year they had this truck full with 3 layers of boxes they would like it to be four high this year. It is sent to places like North Carolina and Colorado. They sorted them and people figure out what places need them most. Sometimes it is close by like in Honduras or Guatemala. Other times it is far away like Africa which would take flying in a plane all day to get there or a couple weeks in a boat.

Then they arrive for the people to use and enjoy. This little girl is from Honduras and a friend of mine (Andrea) delivered it. The little girl was so excited and my friend got to tell her and other children about Jesus. So Ben this is what happens to your box.

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