Monday, November 19, 2007

Early Thanksgiving

I must start this post with the fact that I am a forgetful photographer. I had intended to take pictures this weekend and even brought the camera. Did I take any pictures? No.

It was even without pictures a good weekend. We arrived at Perry's Dad and Mom's at about 5PM and got to play basketball with Jonathan. Perry's mom had out done herself and had a huge meal ready for us. Perry's grandma and grandpa also helped us eat. The next morning we got to take it easy and headed out for Thanksgiving dinner/lunch at his Aunt Tracy's. The food was great with lasagna as the main course. Good eats and good visiting ensued. We then went out to the farm and helped grandpa load some wood for the wood stove. Perry also got in a card game which was good. Sunday morning it was hard to say good bye but we headed out. I must note Perry's mom helped me find a spice I have been looking for desperately. Of places the Food Lion in Salisbury had it. I had even checked a Food Lion in Virginia Beach and they didn't have it. Three cheers for mom Barbee - I will be able to try some more Latin dishes.

Note: Virginia is the longest state ever.

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