Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life's Adventures

It has been awhile since I have posted but it has been an exciting week.

On the work front, we are getting a new computer system. I spent Wednesday in one of our stores using the new system. It was a challenge but we had the benefit of an early store that had made the conversion so our day was better than theirs.

We also had the pleasure of having my brother David and Kim and Anthony up for a visit. Gabe and Dee came in as well. It is always fun to have a house full of people. We commandeered Mama and Papa Bond's large table and had a lovely lunch after church. Grandpa Graffius was also in town. We passed the baby(Anthony) and he was such a good sport. Kim got several good generation pictures which I hope to get a copy of. We ended our wonderful weekend with a trip to the Meadows. (For those that don't know this is the best soft serve around and you have to get a calender to know what the flavor of the day is) David and Kim, as well, gave us some wonderful baby gifts and some practical advice on what works for them.

My husband and I have renewed our attempts to learn Spanish. I think it may be like trying to quit smoking. For most people it takes more than one try. We are using a tutor this time because the local community college is not offering the next level of classes. I may learn my alphabet yet.

The other thing is Perry and I made some big purchases yesterday. We bought a car seat, a mattress for the crib we had gotten at a yard sale and some bedding. This is exciting and scary at the same time. We don't know exactly when Aaron is coming home but we hope it will be sooner than later. It is hard to be patient and know exactly what to plan for...we know that we won't need newborn things but beyond that it is a guessing game. He could come home at six months or 1 year. I am biased I am hoping for the 6 months.

Finally here is a picture of Aaron.

This is about a month ago (2months old)


Anonymous said...

Amanda! He's beautiful!! And I am biased, too...I'm hoping he comes home at 6 months rather than at a year. I'm sure it must feel like a sort of "already, not yet" to know he's "here", but not. We'll be praying for quick speed, if God will allow. I can't wait!!!

Ellen said...

Ohh, Amanda, he's soo beautiful! I know you stare at his little picture all day long and long to hold him. I'll be praying that it'll be soon. Let me know what you want on the blanket front. It's nice to be able to see who you're making something for...that's an adoption advantage. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Aaron is such a cute little boy. I can't imagine how you must feel!!! We are so excited and happy for you guys. God works wonders and we are praying that you will be holding him in your arms rather sooner than later. God bless you and your little boy. Love, Ramona, Seth and the girls

Carol said...

Dear Amanda and Perry,
Praise God and COngratulations.
He is beautiful!! We are very happy and excited for you two and all the extended family. His picture is on the fridge and he is in our prayers. Love Carol and Sonny