Saturday, September 8, 2007

Guyana Pictures
These are only a couple of pictures of our trip but as in most trips of this nature we recieved more than we gave.
The worship was a wonderful experience. Church here is not a couple of hour experience it is an all day experience. People paddle or speed boat in unless you are in a major town. Then you might drive. This particular Sabbath several of the churches worshiped together. It was a joyful occassion. The week before the team split up and was able to attend 3 different churches one of which required speed boat travel.
Small things can make a difference. This is Perry playing with bouncey balls we brought. The kids were thrilled with them. I want to take a moment to say thank you to our youth group. They helped us pack over 200 bible coloring books and crayons. I can't say how much that the kids enjoyed them and helped the time pass as they waited. Also the Washington DC church sends barrels of things down to Guyana regularly and on this trip we got to be the delivery people. There was clothing, regular bibles, study bibles for pastors and other items.

Clinic had many different settings including outside, in churches and in homes. Many of the people we saw were in pretty good health but others were not.

During the week we traveled by boat. It was a fun if occassionally wet way to travel. The pastors that drove us knew the river like we know the back roads.
We owe a big thank you to the Guyana churches: they fed us and housed us and allowed us to visit their beautiful country. There are many needs in Guyana but Perry and I hope to work on meeting two. One is sandals. This sounds silly but in the Ameriindain villages we saw many foot infections and cuts. These could be reduced with a simple pair of sandels. Second in the Georgetown area they are trying to start a reading room. When they had bible school they discovered that many of the kids struggled to read. So they wanted to provide a place where kids can be read to and practice their reading. Not a library in the fact that the books stay there. They are looking new and gently loved books of all kinds. We can send these items in the next barrel.

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