Friday, March 28, 2014

Doggie Therapy

We jokingly referred to Andrew's learning not to be afraid of the dog as doggie therapy.  Well we have another kid that is afraid of dogs and we are helping her face her fears.  However we are missing Tina girl.
 She was an incredibly patient dog.  And as the picture shows with time Andrew overcame his fears.  Well Tina girl is gone but we have found two incredible dogs who happen to be rescues to help us out.  Yesterday was the first day.  Angela was willing to be in with the dogs but didn't want to be down but by the end she was willing to get close to the dogs.  She was bravest when she was downstairs and they were upstairs.
 This is Samson and he is 3 years old and super mellow.  He isn't used to kids but was great because he stayed in one place so Angela could watch him and the boys loved petting him.  He is in training to be a service dog.
 This is Zippo and she is a sweetie.  She is 6 year old boxer.  She loves to be where the people are and to play.
Aaron and Andrew want to know why we can't go back again today but we will be going back weekly for a while so Angela can get comfortable with dogs.  So if you think about it say a prayer that doggie therapy goes well.


Anonymous said...

Zippo and Samson are wondering why you aren't coming back today too. Loved visiting with all of you!

Perry and Amanda said...

Angela asked after storytime to go see the dogs.