Thursday, March 31, 2011

When God is Sovereign has to be Enough

This post is result of a mix of experiences lately and a recent lesson from Job in Sabbath School class. We were looking at Job. Job starts out with Satan and God discussing Job. God says Job is a righteous man and Satan says let me have at him and see if that really is the case. And Job does well despite losing everything. I mean, stuff, friends and health. Through it all he doesn't waver in his faith. At the end he does ask God for an explanation of why all this happens. We as the reader go that is obvious but God doesn't give Job the answer we expect. He spends the last chapters of Job reminding Job that He is God and sometimes only He gets to know why. Basically the only answer Job gets is I AM and that is enough. God does bless Job and Job is okay with God answer. This hard for people to accept that God is in control and sometime this side of heaven we just don't get to know. But like Job and God's answer to Job we can hold on to these facts. God made the universe and is in control of the parts that I don't even know about. And if this is so God is control of the parts of my life that I don't understand. God knows the beginning and the end and He knows my beginning and end. He knows the why and how things happen. I must learn to say as Job did "I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted". This is not an easy place to come to be but it is a place a peace. So how does this relate to me and coming to peace with that fact that God is Sovereign and that is enough. I would define Sovereign as in control of all things and knowing all that has happened, all that is happening and all that will happen. It relates back to my journey through and my life with infertility. I can not explain why some couples suddenly get pregnant. Some who have not had treatment and others that have. Is it possible that I could get pregnant. Yes. Is it probable. No. If I would get pregnant would it be a God thing. Totally. However if I never get pregnant that is okay. Because the same God that could make pregnancy so may choose not to do it in this case. And that is where the sovereign thing comes in to play. I love my God even when I don't get the answer I want. Does God prohibit the questions. No, look at Job and Psalms. But if Job teaches me nothing else it is sometimes it just has to be enough that He is God and that He loves me. So what is my answer to my life with infertility, God is Sovereign and that is enough.

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Grace said...

My Bible study group is going through Kay Arthur's book, As Silver Refined. You hit the nail on the head with your post. Thanks for sharing. I think we all have to get to a point in our lives where God's sovereignty is enough.