Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupcakes for School

Andrew's birthday falls two days after Christmas so bringing cupcakes to school for his birthday is not possible. He still wanted to do this so we talked and decided that doing it for his Gotcha Day might be a good option. We did talk to Andrew that doing this might make the kids ask him some questions and he was okay with it. So then we had to decide what kind so he and I went Internet surfing and here is the end result. The boys colored butter cake batter and then put a scoop of each color in the cups. They really turned out fun. This was really easy and the boys thought they were big stuff.
On to decorating, we went. We had picked an idea from this website As you can see our version isn't quite the same but it was easier and didn't involve candles. I did try some with the pretzel sticks standing up. It worked okay but not great. The boys still had fun. We then brought them into school. Andrew was thrilled.

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