Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A Graffius family tradition is sandtarts. So Aaron and Andrew are helping to continue the tradition. The cookies were not perfection but they were made with love. We began festivities on Christmas Eve with a Christmas Eve Service followed by stocking opening at the grandparents. Christmas morning the boys opened one present and we headed off to church for a very nice service. It included music and instruments and the retelling of the Christmas story. Then it was off to lunch at Papa and Nana's. Aunt Cindi was not able to join us but she was there in spirit with her Christmas dishes and table clothe.

The boys enjoyed serious Uncle Gabe time.

So the Christmas present opening began in earnest after lunch.

The boys had a great Christmas and a couple days later we ended our celebration with a visit to Papa and Nana's to play chicken tracts. It had been delayed due to my cold.

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