Sunday, January 16, 2011

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew's Birthday falls two days after Christmas so it makes it hard to make it seperate but we are working hard at making that happen. So on the 27th we packed Mom and Dad's mini van and headed to Pittsburgh. Yes this sounds strange but there only so many indoor things to do and I am not ready to do the Chuck E Cheese thing yet. Anyway we picked up Miss Grace and her great nephew and began an adventure.
We went to the children's museum in Pittsburgh. It was amazing and the boys had fun however two days after Christmas it was crazy busy. Note Perry does not like crowds. Boys were not phased - if I was a home schooler or lived close this could be addictive.
This is a two story climbing area. They came back to this over and over again. Reminded me of a hamester cage.

Aaron and Bradley trying out the bubbles as the lights changed colors.

Perry helping Andrew make a parachute for the air vortex they had. The parachute went up and out of the tunnel and fluttered down.

The boys building. This room also had car racing, ball rolling thing and its own parachute and retrival system. Overall the boys had a great day. There was rooms with slides and gravity lessons. A place where the boys could dance and see their moves. Just so much fun. They all napped on the way home if that gives you an ideas of how hard they played. The day ended with Andrew's cake - he requested a pink cake so it was strawberry and some pink icing and cars of course. Happy 6th birthday my son.

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david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

what a great cake! happy birthday andrew! looks like you had a great day!