Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The others

I am blessed to have both family and friends in my boys lives. They spend time with them and introduce them to many things. They also spend time with them and build relationships that cross man generations. I am thankful for this gift and for the patience they show my boys. For the last two years Uncle Gabe has taken Andrew on a canoe trip. This year Gabe's friend Jeff provided a second form of entertainment. Which was a fishing rode. I understand that the hook nearly took Gabe out a couple of times.
I am grateful for the time that Uncle Gabe makes for my boys. He not only gives them gifts but much more than that he gives of himself. Here he is playing checkers.

Andrew is not much of a sitter stiller but he does like to be read to. Here he has ask Papa to read to him.
Here is grandpop teaching the boys to sword fight. He also continues to play tickling machine and give tickle hugs. These hugs are ask for by name.

There are others as well that are not in these picture. They include people like Miss Grace and Aunt Cindy which bring candy and spoil them. They are Abuela that helps them make special father's day cards. They are the teenagers that take the time to give too young boys attention. They are so many. Thanks to the others.

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