Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Experiment

This is the result of a request from my son Andrew. It worked but not perfectly. He asked for cookie eggs so I pulled out a couple metal cookie cutters and dropped the eggs into it. I learned in to process. The hotter the skillet the less running of the eggs. This is the result. I sprayed the cookie cutters the second time and it stuck less but I didn't wait long enough to try to flip it. So it ran instead of staying in place. I would try it again some time.


david, kim, anthony and sophie said...

another thing weve done is using the cookie cutter to cut out a shape in a piece of bread. put the bread in the hot pan, crack the egg into the "hole" in the bread. then flip like a pancake.

Catrin said...

I thought you were going to title this last post, "An 'Eggsperiment'" :0) I enjoy reading about your life with boys--sounds like all the adjustments and transitions have been wonderfully smooth. You're a great mom, Amanda and I'm sure your husband is a great dad too!