Friday, July 10, 2009

Campers at play

We are playing do you Do You like your neighbor. Basic premise one person looking for a seat ask someone sitting down Do you like your neighbor. If they do nothing happens and you ask someone else. If they do not "like" the two people on either side they give two other names. The old neighbors and new neighbors and the person looking for a seat all attempt to find a new seat. Also the person ask if he likes his neighbors says he wants a whole new neighborhood everyone but the person ask must get up and find a new seat. Lots of silly fun and a good get to know you game because you need to know people's names. I am leading a very silly song that involves patting, clapping and touching nose and ears. The idea is to get faster and faster.
We have all set on Pastor Dale Thorngate due to a game called Stack 'um. A leader tells people to move a certain number of spaces due to a characteristic like hair color, shoes, # of siblings, etc.

Tressie is trying to get Rayah to smile in a game of if you love me smile.

Silly motions in a game that I missed. Seth and Wayne are good at it.

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