Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camp JOY

I am about to share probably more than you want to know about camp but I have over 100 pictures so I will torture you with some. We had 9 campers 2nd thru 6th grade 3 of which were boys. The Lord put together the perfect staff and a great bunch of kids. Here is Amanda Smith. She was the junior counselor with me but she did a great job. She did devos several nights which included giving her testimony. She had one of the youngest work groups and she got a lot out of them and they gave a great presentation. She becoming a mighty fine woman of God. Here is our fearless cook Miss Julia. She feeding 17 people on her own.

Pastor Dale was awesome he did vespers and the lessons with the kids. I missed the lessons because we split the campers during lesson time and crafts. I heard good things though.
Here is our leader. Chuck did a great job putting together a fun and interesting camp. He had a great plan that he executed well. He was also the owner of the Swhistle(A whistle that you squeezed instead of blew). As Wayne put it...He was funny.

Here is our campers during the presentation for the parents. They learned four songs in 5 days and did little presentation about their Bible lessons.
All in all a very good camp. More pictures and details to follow.

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