Monday, February 23, 2009


There was a party at the church to welcome home Andrew and Nathan and Baby Girl Graffius yet to be born. We had a covered dish after church and the men even got to come. They were disappointed they didn't get to play games.This a picture of some of the decorations which Aunt Cindi and the social committee put together.

Anthony helping to open his soon to be sisters presents.

Becky and I also doing the honors. This is not a party picture but I thought I would show off my lovely aircast. I had physical therapy for the first time today. I have been given permission to take the boys swimming as long as I wear the lovely aircast. I hope to back to normal soon.


david kim and anthony said...

we had lots of fun over the weekend and hope your feeling better soon!

Dan and Jill said...

Amanda, I hope you're healed and back in motion soon! We are so happy for your families . . .how wonderful to have these little ones!
Cousin Jill