Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes I am a klutz. Yesterday morning about 6:30AM I fell down my steps with Aaron in my arms. Aaron is just fine. I didn't care what happened as long as I fell backwards instead of foreword. As a result I am wearing an Aircast for a very severely sprained ankle that came with popping sounds and the inability for a while to put any weight on it. So thankfully my husband was home and after as he puts it a thump, thump, cry and Perry help. He came running. He took me to the emergency room and Dad and Mom watched Aaron (we took Andrew). It is sure a hard way to get a rest. Today I have the boys and discovered my ankle is not as good as I thought it was after a day of rest. Thankfully my mom has taken the boys to swimming lessons and my foot is propped up as I type this and is throbbing less as we speak.

On a happier note we were supposed to go out dinner with Aunt Cindi and Uncle Jim but due to the accident we had to stay in. This turned out to be a wonderful evening. Aunt Cindi cooked and Uncle Jim grilled steaks to die for and we had a great meal in and we then had a fun evening of playing WordBlind. Lots of fun thanks everyone who made it possible including the parents who watched the boys.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Amanda! I am always worried about Zoe being such a "Klutz"... I am beginning to think that I should ease up on my worries and except the fact that it is hereditary....:) Get well soon. Ramona