Saturday, April 5, 2008

Perry's Birthday

We celebrated Perry's birthday today. It was actually yesterday. Perry wanted ribs for his dinner and Dad's bread with jelly is the best. This big kid makes me laugh, love and appreciate all the the things he does for me.
This is the you are special plate. It is a family tradition to have a special plate for special occasions and of course birthdays qualify. But we look for other excuses to bring it out. It makes me think of the MmMm Good bowl. What is the link. As a child my mom sent in some upcs and got two MmMm Good bowls. In the time that followed one got broken. So it was always a question of who would get this special it wasn't any larger, or more costly...but it was special because it was different. Which reminds me that value of things are not always measured in it cost. But the value you give it and the memories that it holds. So the value of that bowl or even my plate may not be great but I hope that the memories will be. In what do you find value this day is it things, people, or maybe even your relationship with God?


Anonymous said...

Now that special plate does look pretty special, however those ribs look mighty good as well. Happy Birthday, Perry! Hugs from the Martins, well and Mia says Brrrlllrbbblhhhruuhuh

david kim and anthony said...

happy birthday perry!!!!!!!