Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Day Celebration and Reflection

We have had a full weekend as we have considered Christ's death and resurrection. Friday night we had communion and foot washing. We were reminded that no matter how far away or long ago our relationship with Christ began it was what He did for us that changed us. We were powerless, sinners, and enemies of God and it was through Christ death and resurrection we are now reconciled to Christ and not only that His Children. (The Pastor used Romans 5:6-11).

Sabbath morning we enjoyed a musical retelling of the Christ's death and resurrection. These pictures are not great but this is our choir. They work hard and try to bring glory to the Lord. It seems they are always being asked to sing. Also it snowed. Gabe said we awoke to be reminded of how God makes us whiter than snow.
This is Harley and Scott. They are dressed up and doesn't Scott look good in his new glasses.
Sunday morning on the spur of the moment Mom decided to have anyone who wanted to come over for Easter breakfast. My house has more space so the actual eating took place at my house. Mom pulled out grandpa's egg casserole recipe and I pulled out Beth Boyd's baked french toast recipe and we were ready to go. Both of these are make ahead items that sit overnight. So the pictures that follow are us eating. We also watched a video about the death of resurrection with a guy in the holy land. Getting us to think a little different about the events of Jesus' death and resurrection. All in all a good way to spend Easter morning.

Some of you may have heard Isaac say Piranha. Well this is the Piranha. It is a marble game and good entertainment. I suspect that this is the real reason Isaac will come visit me.
Happy Easter and Happy Resurrections Day to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, you're the best! When we were in Walgreen's the other night, Jon kept saying, "go talk to the pharmacist..." and I was too shy. I replied, "I wish it were Amanda back there!" :)

She did suggest Claritin D (I bought Wall-itin D, their generic). The symptoms have eased off a little, but definitely haven't gone away. The eye is much better, though. And my nose is less stuffy today, but still not up to par. A small cough has developed, but nothing serious. Aren't you glad you went to Pharmacy school? I know I sure am! :) Thanks much...and I hope you don't mind my shout-outs to you in my posts!

Much love!