Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post Placement #2

We had to have a family picture. So here is one of the silly ones.

We painted our gourds and pumpkins for the fall.  The boys had fun raking leaves and then jumping in them.  They taught Angela how to jump right in the pile.  We all had fun.  Today we had our second post placement visit.  It is always a great deal of hard work and I will admit I call in help from a local person to help me clean.  The boys get to get out of school early and our caseworker drives down.   With the Philippines they want lots of pictures so we have been sending 8 to 10 pages of electronic pictures.  It has helped me be more conscious of getting pictures which probably would not of happened so much with child number 3.  I can say  that Angela is picking English amazingly quickly and everyone is adjusting well.  Andrew struggled the most but has decided that for being little and girl she is pretty nice.  Aaron likes to dress her up and they like to play on the swing set together.  Angela had her first snow experience.  She has declared cold and isn't quite sure what to do with it.  So that is where things stand.

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