Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Summer Happenings

 Well once again my garden has gotten away from me but here is a carrot.  It was found when I was rota-tilling the garden.  The boys thought it was cool so we brought in and took a picture.
 Aaron had gotcha day with ice cream cake and family,
 Andrew played flag football and baseball and enjoyed both.
 We vacationed in the mountains of Virginia and did some hiking and cave adventures.
 Paul and Brandy joined us for a couple of days.
 Water, rocks and boys are always a great combination.
 We did a maze and this was a sign at the end of the one of the paths.
 Pre-Angela family picture that turned out well.
Most of the summer has been full of small everyday happenings.  The big news is Andrew went to camp for the first time and I had my first experience as head cook at camp.  We went swimming once and Bradley came to visit.  
And the excitement of the summer there was a rattlesnake in our path when we went hiking one day on our vacation.

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