Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camp 2010

Camp begins long before it actually happens. After a little time I agreed to direct camp for our Junior/Middler camp. One of the most important things you can do is put together a great staff. I was blessed with a great staff. God puts the right people together to do his work. So here is our staff. I should note I don't have a picture of Pastor Dale or Janet but they made our trips to the swimming pool possible and trust me when it is 90 plus this is very important. Miss Susie who was one of our teacher and group leader and all around encourager.
Bryan the Nubby to the job of being a counselor but a long time camp enthusiast. He did a great job. He was in charge of a work group, recreation and helped in many other ways.

This is the two Amandas. I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Amanda before and she did a great job this year again. She has a gift for working with kids and she has an awesome name.
Miss Peggy was our cook. She put up with our crazy requests and encouraged us to visit the oldest 5 and dime store in America. It happens to be in Harrisonville, WV not far from where we take our kids swimming. No camp happens without the cook.

Finally our camp Pastor Chuck (I worked very hard to remember not to call him Chuckie). He was a great teacher and leader of vespers and music man. He worked hard and put up with all the other assignments I kept giving him and by the end of the week had been dubbed PC3. He is following in the footsteps of PC (Pastor Chuck Graffius) and PC2 (Pastor Chris Mattison).
I was taught by a wise man to put together a good staff and let God use them. And God did use them and me to make a difference in our campers lives. I am just grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with these men and women. I am also grateful for all the men and women who have taught me how to have a camp. I can not name them all but here are a few - Pastor Don Richards - involved in my first camp as 2nd grader. Pastor John Camenga - one of the first I served under as a counselor. My SCSC experiences that included - Pastor David Thorngate and Christina. Pastor Robert and Lana VanHorn. Also working with Marissa VanHorn on her staff. To Mom whose passion for reaching kids for Christ effects how I look at them. Uncle Larry for importance on Bible memory work. I know there are so many I could name but these are a few.
And finally to Grandpa Graffius, it was under him I experienced camp. My understanding of what a camp experience is to be like was shaped by him. I had the joy and pleasure of directing a camp under his guidance and it was a pleasure to learn from one who was and is passionate about camp and God. He taught me to plan for spontaeous moments (like permission to soak the director if you can), to tie all things together to teach - even meals can teach. And finally to teach the word with love and passion. Thank you grandpa for all you have taught me.

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