Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Adventures

Perry and I had a very memorable Valentine's day (note I didnot say romantic). My husband had thoughtfully arranged for a babysitter for us to have a Valentine's breakfast. Well at the expected time we got a call from the babysitter's husband saying she was stuck in the snow. So off we went to dig her out. We took the long way around and got to her. We(I am using we loosely here - perry and dad did most of the shoveling). By this time there were several more people stuck so we stayed to help them. Then we finally decided to move on out and guess who was now stuck due to the wind blowing the road shut. So another half hour later and a very cold husband we were out with the help of a nice tractor and a fellow named Jim. Needless to say we didnot go out for breakfast. We tried. This was the second time for Perry this week dealing with snow banks. He considering recanting his statement that he likes the snow.

So we stayed in the rest of day. A good day was had but nothing like had been planned. Instead my hubby gave me a couple of hours upstairs to work in peace on sewing projects. Yes, I was thrilled - we now have several knee holed pants made into shorts, shoes fixed and holes repaired.

It should also be noted that my husband kindly turned around my car while the snow was deep so I didn't have to back up. Did I mention I hate to back up in snow. Thanks for the little things. I love them.

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