Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Nose

Both of my brothers at one point have stuffed rocks in orifices of the body. I believe both them put rocks in their nose but an ear could have been involved. Gabe claims to this day that David made him do but that is a debate for another day. I am now able to say that Andrew has joined the elite club with his uncles. The other night I was giving my boys their Luride much to their excitement. I had turned to get them their vitamin and Andrew says to me. Where is my Luride? To which I reply....I hope it is in your mouth that is where it belongs. Andrew shakes his head no and grins. I said then where. In Andrew ear he says and I say I hope not. He shakes head and grins. He the says in Andrew's nose. Now getting worried I say I hope not. He shakes head yes and grins. Mom says really I hope not. Mom looks in nose yes it is there. Now slightly panicked that we will be headed to the emergency room I tell my son to blow and it doesn't move and appears to be dissolving. So I send Perry upstairs for the tweezers and we proceed to extract the Luride. Now my son had purple snot from the purple Luride but was otherwise unharmed. This of course lead to a discussion of where Luride goes and doesn't go which was reinforced nightly for about a week. But it should be noted though now he is in the company of his uncles.

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