Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visiting Seoul South Korea

Andrew was born in 2004 and in the Chinese calender that is the year of the monkey. This is statues at one of the palaces of the last Korean dynasty. This is one of the palaces. One of the coolest thing, about this is the heating system. They put fires under the buildings and it heats the floor and the smoke goes outside the building. I thought very cool.

We visited a Buddhist temple. It was fascinating but a little awkward.

At the local super mall there was an aquarium and we took Andrew Sukhoon. He seemed to like it but wasn't thrilled when we went through the tunnel with water above.

This is a picture from our hotel window in Seoul. Talk about busy.


Micah Preston said...

Thanks for the update and CONGRATS on your new son! (and of course you just have to survive through the day! I just have one. you have TWO!!) =)

Dan and Jill said...

Congratulations to you and Perry, Andrew and Aaron, as a whole family!
Love, Cousin Jill