Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adoption Update

We are learning that each adoption process is different and has its own quirks. I must say that the second time around feels much easier. Today we finish up the last of the paperwork and we begin the waiting process. We have had our home study. We have filled out our forms and gotten reference letters. To those that wrote them thanks. We have collected pictures - this is new to us. Fun and weird at the same time. South Korea wants pictures of you doing things that you enjoy. So we took pictures of Perry throwing the football, a picture from a baseball game, and me at quilting class, etc... We both passed our physicals. These were much more in depth than the last. Guatemala just wanted to know you were alive and not going to die soon. Well that is it for now.


david kim and anthony said...

we are very excited to see pictures of him soon! maybe you'll get your second before we do!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO AMANDA, PERRY & AARON!!! I left you a message once awhile back because I was just looking for more information. I hadn't heard anything about this 2nd adoption till I saw it mentioned in your church bulletin. It is VERY EXCITING! And I can't wait to hear more!

Love to you all, Aunt Jan