Saturday, September 13, 2008

Walking...Sort of

For a few weeks now Aaron has been getting closer and closer to walking. He would cruise from furniture to chair around the room. He had become a serious stair climber and was to the point of holding one finger and walking. He was not quite ready to let go though but this week he has decided that walking might be okay but it is still not the best form of locomotion. His first excursion was between Perry and me after which he proceeded to fall over and hit his head. This damped excitement for a few days, but he decided that he would show off for the caseworker and take a few steps. This of course resulted in clapping and cheering. Now he is occasionally walking a few steps and even did so a little at church. So we will see if he becomes a serious walker over the next few weeks. My baby is not going to be baby much longer...does this officially make him a toddler. He definitely toddling but I am not sure I want him to be a toddler.

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Aaron and Mia could hold hands then they would be "sort of walking" together :)