Friday, June 13, 2008

A Big Weekend

This is last weekend not this weekend but I am slow posting. This is Rachel and as we speak she has graduated and has plans to go college. We had a wonderful party Saturday afternoon. Aaron got to have Grandma Barbee's fried chicken and potato salad. We also got to see lots cousins. Uncle Allen watched Aaron as he napped so he wouldn't roll off the couch.
Friday Perry's Mom had a huge first birthday party for Aaron. He was not sure about the cake thing. He did put his hand in the icing.

Early video game practice with Uncle Jonathan.
We had a great weekend and it was too short. We did a first...we drove through the night. This worked well for Aaron. I spent the weekend catching up. He did great on the way home. We stopped every 2 hours. I must say that I had said a little prayer before the first stop that there would be a place for Aaron to play. Aaron slept by the rest stop and Perry suggested that we try an exit where he knew there was gas. Well when we got gas we looked over the hill and there was the county park with new cedar chips and a beautiful playground. Thank you Lord for the small things in life.

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