Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quilting Attempt

This is before completion but this was for Anthony. David and Kim wanted a quilt that reminded them of Pennsylvania and the family here. I hope that I got close. I used iron-ons that I created on the computer. I also quilted the outline of Bedford County and used bottons to mark major cities in Pennsylvania. This was my first attempt with such a thing and I would do it again. It isn't in the picture but my Mom embroidered Anthony's name and Pennsylvania for me.


Anonymous said...

Amanda! That is so awesome! I love it! I'm greatly impressed, because as you know, I struggle to sew a button on a shirt. :) Man, anytime you want, you can come down here and teach me how to sew! Take care!

Micah Preston said...

That's very creative! Where's Steve and baby Micah's pic? hehe